We are here to introduce ourselves as the leaders and innovators in Pharma Staffing and training. We are BioPharma Staffing, Pharma domain international experts group are here to earn your business.

In order to earn your business, we must substantiate who we are and the value we give to our clients.

300 plus years of Pharma cumulative expertise: We are a network of 30 plus big Pharma and CRO ex-directors, managers, specialists and other top level experts group (and growing) with culmination of talent and 300 plus years of cumulative expertise in the same filed which we staff and recruit now.

We have done that: We, at BioPharma Staffing, who has been in the Pharma industry for the past several years and have successfully handled, interviewed, trained and hired thousands of Pharma professionals for multinational CROs and big Pharma companies around the world.

Solution driven results : The combined experience gives us the ability to provide services unlike any other firm because we understand the market, know the talent, and have our fingers on the pulse of today’s talent. We value Solution Driven Results.

BioPharma Staffing identifies applicants who are 3 times more likely to pass screening: The boom in online job application tools has made recruiting employees more complex. Services like LinkedIn, monster and others provide the technology to find potential applicants, but now companies are flooded with resumes-many of which come from unqualified or unsuitable candidate. We offer recruitment process outsourcing, project recruitment, individual search and talent consulting services all backed by the industry-leading insights and methodologies of our networking group domain professionals.

We know more than buzz words: Resumes today are full of buzzwords. Few can truly identify and define the buzzwords. BioPharma staffing and training professional actually understands the buzzwords, moreover we can quantify that a buzz word on a resume is truly a skill the candidate can skillfully implement.

Affordable services- Beyond social media and job portals: Many of our candidates are known entities. Since we have such a large network, we already have candidates in place and do not have to start fresh with a recruitment project. Hence we can offer affordable solutions. We believe that networking/reaching out-of-reach candidates is the best way towards increasing.