Candidate Screening and Selection Process

Many of our candidates are from network and known entities. But since there is constant recruitment, we must ensure that our hiring and research methodologies are best in class. What does a candidate want in their next career? This is probably the most important question to answer. A candidate wants a job but they just dont want a J.O.B. They are mature and experienced. They know what they do best. They know what they want to do and perhaps hone their skills to meet those goals. If we recruit and put a body into a cubicle or office, we have not done our job neither for the candidate or our company client. There will be a churn rate….continuous open door where people come in and people leave.

The time it takes to get someone on board and trained is astronomical. It is not just losing a body, it is about starting all over again hoping to get it right the next time. Time is money, lost resources equals lost productivity and lost profits. The spinning wheel or cycle continues over and over again. It is a frustrating reality in many aspects.

With our 300 plus years of cumulative experience in interviewing, training in life sciences we bring tremendous value to your organizational needs. This combined experience gives us the ability to provide services unlike any other firm because we understand the market, know the talent, and have our fingers on the pulse of todays talent. We value Solution Driven Results

Ensuring the right fit for your team
Our network professionals are deeply involved in the industry, enabling them to quickly and confidently refer individuals that fit your organizations strategic and financial goals. We work with you to establish the objectives and specifications of your opportunity, and to understand the character and culture of your organization. This way, we have a thorough understanding of what you do and dont want, and how best to present your opportunity to candidates. What more, we stay up-to-date on latest trends we are active in the nations most associations.